Rylend Grant

Hailing from the veritable crater that was once Detroit, MI, Rylend graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in film and art history and then earned his MFA in directing at the American Film Institute Conservatory. He spent a few wild years as a professional poker player before settling into a more stable, but much slimier career as an author/screenwriter. He’s worked for a solid decade in Hollywood, developing film and television projects with Ridley Scott, Justin Lin, F. Gary Gray, Johnny Depp, John Woo, Howard Gordon, Dean Devlin, Luc Besson, Penelope Cruz, and Academy Award winning director Fernando Trueba, among others, while publishing several short stories and managing a half dozen comic book titles.

In his spare time, Rylend attempts to buy his childhood back piece-by-piece on ebay, reads way too many old Marvel/DC comics, and struggles to keep his ornery French Bulldog Pinkus from humping babies.

Rylend is a Soto Zen priest in the lineage of Gudo Nishijima and Brad Warner and serves on DSLA’s Board of Directors.

He once taught Mike Tyson how to meditate.

Zen Meditation